Why Choose a Guaranteed Phone Contract

If you have bad credit and have been refused a phone contract elsewhere, there are some tricks you can do to convince your provider to approve your application. You can pay a higher upfront free or you can bring a guarantor. If these don’t work, another alternative is to apply for a guaranteed phone contract. Here are some advantages these kinds of contracts can offer that you should know about:

Ultra fast processing

One of the best things about guaranteed phone contracts is the fast processing. Most providers are now offering same day phone deals where you can get approved within the same day you applied. This is usually applicable if you meet the basic requirements and you have the necessary documents ready beforehand.

No credit check needed

Another chief advantage is the fact that there are no credit checks required hence the name guaranteed phone contracts. If you have bad credit and you can’t seem to avail a traditional phone contract because of your less than perfect credit score, this deal is for you. Your credit score is not a factor when assessing your eligibility. As long as you can prove that you can handle the fixed monthly fee, your application is good as approved.

Minimal requirements

Requirements are also very minimal for a guaranteed phone contract. You’ll just need to be of legal age and a UK resident to be eligible. Employment is ideal but you can be working part time or self-employed; either way, you are still welcome to apply provided that you have proof of income.

Works just like traditional phone contracts

Guaranteed phone contracts also work just like your traditional phone contract. You get to choose a handset from the available choices offered and you get to pick a phone bundle. You’ll pay a fixed monthly fee for 24 months. Once the contract is up, the phone is yours or you can upgrade it to a better unit. In any case, you get to enjoy the same advantages a traditional phone contract offers but only at a higher fixed monthly because of your bad credit. If you want to get out of your contract early so you can upgrade to a better deal, PC Mag has some tips for you